98`` LG LS95A 4K Screen

Image - 4K 98" LG LS95A Screen

Product Description

Ultra HD screens deliver an immersive viewing experience and have high definition picture quality that is 4 times higher than FHD. 98” real size displays deliver seamless contents as an alternative to the 2×2 video wall at the flagship store. Up-scaling and Super Resolution technology enhance the quality of FHD content to near-UHD quality. Simple customization function will be provided. Our solution can be customized through an SDK to showcase your logo or improve compatibility.

For custom, ultra high definition content to bring your screens to life and make the most out of your event, view our content library for inspiration, or contact a member of the DBpixelhouse team.

Want to know more about our 4K Screens?


3840 x 2160

Contrast Ratio


Aspect Ratio


Power Consumption


HDMI Ports


USB Ports


VGA / DVI / Component / DisplayPort

0 / 1 / 1 / 1


88 KG

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