46″ SAMSUNG D6530

HD Screens

46'' Samsung D6530

Product Description

This 3D television offers the ultimate viewing experience by taking the normal flat, picture and turning it into explosive, eye-popping imagery that your audience will want to reach out and touch. Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio is also included for exceptionally clear images with reduced optical glare and light reflection. Slim, sleek and packed with the latest technology, the 6500 Series LED is more than a television. It’s a multi-media centre.

High-Definition screens are a mainstay of any exhibition. Take a look at our past creations in our content library or get in touch with a member of the team to start designing.


1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate

50 Hz

Aspect Ratio


Power Consumption

150 W

HDMI Ports


USB Ports



1062 x 618 mm


12 KG

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