Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are where you mix elements of live events – physical and virtual events. Making the most of both worlds to expand your reach. Live physical events in the traditional sense are recorded or live streamed through a virtual event platform. We have expertise in both worlds meaning you get a seamless professional wraparound service.

Hybrid Event Services

We tailor all of our services to your requirements to make your event the success it deserves to be.

Virtual Event On Site Integration

We offer event set and stage design with a full studio AV package where your speakers can be filmed, recorded or streamed live.

Virtual Event Production

The production team provide a full studio service with video editing and graphic overlays for a slick, professional quality broadcast streamed to your chosen virtual event platform.

Virtual Event User Interface

Our team will build you a custom branded web-based user interface (Hub) with secure registration that allows you to showcase your content, stream live & pre-recorded speaker sessions and host webinars.

Event Video Solutions

We have an incredible range of equipment to display your content. Single screen displays through to LED Video Walls, mobile trailer mounted LED units, projectors, interactive displays and tablets. We have the experience and equipment to deliver all of your technical needs for your exhibit or venue.

Hybrid Event Support

Our team of experts will support you throughout

WWe’ve got experts in live events and in virtual events to ensure that your hybrid event gives your audience the best of both worlds.

Why work with us?

Creative Technical Solutions

If you’re looking to bring a concept or creative idea to life with tech consult our technical team who have the expertise and knowledge to design innovative cutting-edge solutions. Be it AV&IT, event connectivity or show production we have got the skills and experience to make it happen.

Dedicated Client Support

Excellent Relationships are the bedrock of all our work. A dedicated technical account manager will work with you to fully understand your event aspirations, they’ll help you find the best AV or virtual production solution for your event.

Expert Installation, event support & production

With over 25 years of full-service delivery our industry leading crew will ensure you can focus on your audience while we deal with all aspects of installation and maintenance of your event Tech.

Cutting Edge Technology

With a huge rental inventory of event technology we have the kit you need to create attention grabbing engagement for your visitors.

Interested in rental only – please contact us here

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    Questions & Answers

    • What is a webinar?
      A webinar is a seminar presented in an online format. It allows brands and business to connect with their users and customers in a digital world and share their message and information online.
    • How do I host a Virtual Event?
      Virtual Events run in a similar to a Live TV broadcast. In most circumstances they require presenters, a host, an audience and an identity. DBpixelhouse work closely with our customers to take the stresses of hosting a Virtual Event away to create an enjoyable and memorable online experience for their users.
    • Can my Virtual Event be run remotely?
      Absolutely. One of the many benefits to a Virtual Event is that both the participants and audience can attend in a completely remote environment without even needing to leave their own home.
    • Are there venues that I can host my virtual event at?
      Yes. DBpixelhouse has a fully functioning studio set up in which we can host your virtual event. We provide all the equipment needed to successfully deliver your event and our team of dedicated and skilled technicians can bring the event to you at a venue of your choice.
    • How do I plan a Virtual Event?
      Planning is the most important part of any Virtual Event. Your event will have a dedicated team that work closely with you to plan every detail of your event ensuring the highest quality final product.
    • What are the risks involved with doing a Live Virtual Event?
      As with any Live Event there are risks involved. DBpixelhouse work hard to mitigate as much risk as possible. There are lots of options to remove certain risks for your event. Pre-recording of footage is a great way to minimise any unforeseen problems and enables you to have a very polished final product.
    • My presenters are nervous for the Live Show day – what can I do to help?
      Presenting in live format can always be daunting. Our team will be there to offer all the technical assistance required to install confidence in your presenters. Full rehearsals are a must to make sure that everyone is happy with their role in the event.
    • What happens if someone misses the Virtual Event?
      We offer an on-demand service and record all the events that we run. We can share the recordings with you to distribute to anyone that may have missed the event.
    • I need reassurance in the value of a Virtual Event
      DBpixelhouse understand the element of the unknown with a Virtual Event. We have a proven track record in the delivery of Virtual Events, and understand the value they bring, so we can guide you through all the choices when designing your event to ensure you get value for your investment.
    • I want to make my Virtual Event more interactive – what can I do?
      We have a dedicated team of creative, tech minded professionals who will work with you to energise and excite your audience with interactive additions to your event. We love a challenge and are constantly pushing ourselves to deliver bespoke, fully unique Virtual interactions.
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