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DBpixelhouse created a registration and audience management system for the Adobe EMEA Summit in London, which has been used for the last three years.

Event Organisers Taylor Bennett Partners had very specific requirements for the conference which attracts some of the leading lights in the global marketing industry. The registration system needed to process a lot of people, very quickly, and provide the ability for delegates to check in and out of break-out rooms, reporting real-time information on the different venue capacities and movement of delegates around the event.

Adobe Summit - The Challenge
Adobe Summit - The Solution

The Solution

An RFiD system was developed by DBpixelhouse for the needs of the Adobe Summit.

Badges similar to contactless bank cards were issued to each delegate from one of 32 registration stations. RFiD terminals located at the entrance to 50 seminar rooms enabled visitors to tap in and out of each session. Event staff used mobile RFiD readers mounted on smartphones to ensure everyone’s badge was scanned, preserving the integrity of the data collected. We supplied and installed digital signage outside each break-out area. The digital signage screen content pulled information from our audience management system, informing delegates how many seats were left in each room, as well as the seminar schedule. Data from registration and the RFiD points around the venue could be viewed on a cloud-based live dashboard, which was monitored by Adobe and Taylor Bennet throughout the event.

The Result

On the opening day of the conference, our system was used by over 30 Taylor Bennett staff to process over 5000 delegates in less than two hours.

At peak times, event staff were greeting guests and issuing a pass in less than thirty seconds. This new level of efficiency resulted in the guests being welcomed into the building and settled in their seminars in less than half the time it took during previous years. The data presented to Taylor Bennett and Adobe, offered them a previously unseen insight into the movement and behaviour of delegates, allowing them to make better decisions for this year’s event, and plan for the next one.

Adobe Summit - The Result

What do our clients say?

“The system created by DBpixelhouse was absolutely perfect. We needed to get people through registration and into the event as quickly as possible. Compared to what we’ve done before, it was just so, so fast. People were simply flowing through—it’s the quickest registration we’ve ever done. Previous years we were scanning barcodes as delegates checked in and out of theatres, but the RFiD system from DBpixelhouse processed the information incredibly quickly and accurately, giving us a far greater insight into delegate behaviour at the event. Working with DBpixelhouse has been wonderful.”

– Taylor Bennett Partners

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